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FAQ on PC software


1. Does it support Win8 or Win10?

--Yes, it supports windows XP sp2/windows vista/windows 7/win8/win10 32 bit or 64 bit, or newer.


2. What’s the effection of the data engine?

--A data engine is a base that stores monitor or oximeter data received by the software.


3. Is it neccessary to install the data Engine ( AccessDatabaseEngine)

--It doesn’t need install data engine if your operating system matches its office version, if not, you need install the corresponding data engine and office version firstly. ( office 32 bit matches operating system 32 bit (AccessDatabaseEngine_x32.exe, for office 64 bit, you need install operating system 64 bit (AccessDatabaseEngine_x64.exe).


4. After install the software, it flashes back immediately after click it, can’t work normally.

--It mostly caused by you didn’t install the Data Engine correctly, it would be solved after install corresponding Data Engine ( See item 3 above).


5. It reports an error under win10.

--In general, right-click the software, right-click on the menu and choose to run as administrator.



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